Monday, December 21, 2009

Inaugural Posting to 'Barack Obama was an American Electorate mistake.'

Twittering one day and blogging the next.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Women too.

The American Electorate is finally coming around to the realization that Barack Obama was a mistake. On November 2, 2010, Americans will flood polling places all over the country to vote out of office many of those who sold the Obama 'brand' which will be about as popular on election day as the 'Tiger' brand is right about now.

We were duped America. Not that I was duped personally but as an American I must live with our electoral folly in '08 just like every other American. Of course I'm over the 48 hours of depression suffered during the hoopla surrounding the inauguration of the so-called first Black President. As an 'authentic' Black American I was physically sickened that millions of my fellow Americans were gullible enough to buy the 'hype-master'.

As I waged a futile war against presidential candidate ignorance prior to the election, I was often reminded of the fairy tale 'The Emperor's New Clothes'. No one could admit to themselves that the Emperor was naked let alone have the audacity to say so. Thank goodness the child spoke up... the Emperor might still be naked.

Barack Obama is not wearing a suit make of 'statesman' wool. He's wearing a suit made of rhetoric. He too, is naked. He was a mistake. He is bad for America.

S. E. Cupp has it right. Barack Obama is an empty vessel.

Charles Krauthammer has it right. Watch what Barack Obama does, not what he says.

We've got work to do America. Pay no attention to those who label opposition to Barack Obama as racist. I have been a real Black American for 50 years. Barack Obama didn't designate himself as Black until it was convenient. This is why he fumbled the Gates arrest aftermath so badly.

This period in our history requires that we, as Americans, put country before race; country before religion; country before sexual orientation and even country before self to a degree.

Stay tuned. This is the tip of this iceberg and no, it's not melting too rapidly as Mr. Gore might have you to believe.