Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Son, you’re not from around here are you?!"

At the Barbershop the other day, I was asked what my question for Barack Obama would be if he walked in the door. Without hesitating I answered facetiously, “You’re not from around here are you son?!” It wasn’t readily understood by those present if there was a punch line to follow my off the cuff remark. That would be a norm if my flip response had anything to do with Barack Obama. I took this as an opportunity to explain yet again that 44 was a mistake.

“You’re not from around here are you son?!” is a question you ask a fellow whose actions and conduct suggest that - at the very least - he must be from another hood, town, state, country or planet. The quizzical looks on certain faces in the shop was code for tell me more.

I proceeded to explain that most of Obama's initiatives and agenda makes him appear to average Americans as though he’s not from where we’re from. He’s simply not from the same America that you and I are from. This concept means one thing to me and you in Earle’s Family Barbershop but means something entirely different to white America that identified with Obama as an American who happened to be black. The revelation that he isn’t as black as you and I thought won’t cause you or I to not vote for him in 2012 but a white American who voted for who Barack Obama portended to be, is now very disillusioned with him and not likely to vote for him again.

His not being from around ‘here’ suggests that Barack Obama is not American enough to realize that telling the same bad lie over and over again can’t endear him to an Electorate fed up with politicians proclaiming a yellow shower as ‘rain’. One reason few bother challenging me in the barber shop these days is because every time I was around during the campaign and the 'C-Span covering the healthcare reform debate' promise was repeated by then candidate Obama - I always asserted confidently that he’d pay for every time that lie was repeated and sure enough, that repeated falsity is front and center.

Not being from around ‘here’ in the context of the United States, suggests that Barack Obama doesn’t realize that Americans have already grown weary of his speechifying all the live long day. What those who work for a living wonder is if you spend all of your time telling me what you are doing and what you want to do - when are you really doing any work?

I will likely find 101 different ways to explain why Barack Obama was an American Electorate mistake between now and election day 2012. Suffice it to say, Barack Obama will continue to have difficulty in achieving his objectives because he is still of the belief that if he can say it - it can come true. I think Disneyland has the corner on that notion.

Come to think of it, Barack Obama has been more successful as a pitchman than as a statesman. Weatherproof is certainly appreciative of his image wearing their jacket that I must admit I’d never heard of but am now curious about. He sold a stimulus package that Nancy Pelosi just happened to have in a desk drawer and Tom Daschle’s healthcare blueprint which has served as a model for the bill(s) currently festering on Capital Hill. Oops, did I forget to mention the masterful job 44 did selling himself to the American people from an Illinois Senate seat he won from some unknown Black guy named Alan Keyes who also ran for president from Maryland?!

Not from around ‘here’ also suggests something else that is really important - America only knows about Obama what Obama has preached about himself. The truth of who Barack Obama is can only be ascertained by keeping a keen eye on what he does - not what he says. If it weren’t so insulting it would be laughable. He actually thinks that his cause is always aided by his delivering a speech. He is really full of himself. That’s something else we say about people that aren’t from around ‘here’.