Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What do ‘The Young Turks’ (TYT), Hillary Clinton and Solly Forell have in common?

What do ‘The Young Turks’ (TYT), Hillary Clinton and Solly Forell have in common?

The Young Turks (TYT) in the person of Cenk Uygur sees an assassin around every corner. Uygur, a Pillsbury Doughboy looking chap, zeroed in on Hillary Clinton and Washington Times reporter Liz Trotta during the presidential campaign for uttering the feared 13 letter word assassination. Of course, Doughboy Cenk Uygur never once called for Mrs. Clinton or Ms. Trotta to be investigated by the Secret Service nor did he ever suggest that either woman should be thrown into Federal Prison. From Mr. Uygur, both women got an apologetic rebuke. For Solly Forell, Uygur wanted immediate jail time. What a chubby hypocrite!

To you, Mr. Cenk Uygur, for all your insisting that my Twitter account should be immediately shutdown, see for yourself - Solly_Forell is still there sounding an alarm that Barack Hussein Obama was an American Electorate Mistake. Since you were so convinced that ‘my sky was falling’, I am happy to say that there’s a beautiful day outside my window with an oriole, cardinal and redheaded woodpecker enjoying High Energy Suet from my neighborhood Kroger Supermarket. This is America Mr. Uygur. If Hil & Liz don’t go to prison for using the term assassination - neither do I. This would be the case whether Barack Obama was President or not.

I guess Mr. Uygur figures I need to live my life based on his idea of right and wrong. Mr. Uygur figures wrong. I am free because I did not break any law. It is the same reason that Hillary Clinton and Liz Trotta weren’t picked up by the Secret Service or thrown into Federal Prison. People like Mr. Uygur are the pant wetting, ‘sissy men’ Arnold Schwarzenegger referred to when speaking of Liberals some years ago. Cenk Uygur, if Solly Forell got under your skin on March 21, 2010 you haven’t seen anything yet.

With that, I am off to enjoy gardening, golf, the company of a few good friends and, of course the freedom to sell my expertise to the highest bidder. The United States of America was a wonderful yet flawed ’capitalistic’ society before Barack Obama. The United States of America will be this same capitalistic democracy again - after the taxpaying American Electorate nullifies the balance of the ‘Barack Obama Experiment’ in November and votes him out of office in November of 2012.

Liberals will not derail the will of the American Electorate to correct the mistake that is Barack Obama.

p.s. Maybe that’s the “is” Bill Clinton referred to in his classic line: “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.”(LMAO)

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