Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Farewell To Israel, The Ice-Pick Double-Dip & Other Solly Forell Envisionings

I have long since abandoned the philosophy of blogging in explicit, lengthy detail. In the early days of my attempt to sound an alarm about the harms Barack Obama would affect on America, lengthy blogs seemed more appropriate. Now that he has been forced to ‘expose’ his predilections – describing Barack Obama as an ‘Enemy of the State’ is easier than ever.

A ‘Farwell To Israel’ is a perfect example of how easy it is to characterize present day Barack Obama as an ‘Enemy of the State’. Within the last 18 months, Obama disregarded the visiting Israeli Prime Minister preferring instead to dine with Michelle and the First Daughters in the Presidential Residence. The snub left the Israeli’s with uncertainty about Mr. Obama’s friendship.

Along comes turmoil in the Middle East. Greece is bankrupt and poor Israel is surrounded by enemies on all sides. Regardless of the high grade cocaine Barack Obama & Israeli President Shimon Peres must be smoking, Israel faces a certain future armed aggression instigated indirectly or perpetrated directly in concert with Iran. If Barack Obama responds to an attack or advance on Israel the way he responded to hostilities in Egypt and Libya – Israel will be destroyed in a series of attacks that could last no more than 24-48 hours. Israel is the size of New Jersey.

The Barack Obama ‘Enemy of the State’ theme can also be applied to the economy. Mr. O is still basking in the (April Fools) 8.8% unemployment number. In the old days I would have devoted 1,000 words to discredit this apparent improvement in American job fortunes. Instead, fewer words can explain the similarities between an old-fashioned ice-pick stabbing and the modern day double dip recession.

Back in the day (late 1940’s and 50s), ice-pick stabbings were a number one ‘cause of death’ among murder victims in the United States because the ice-pick wound sealed quickly leaving the victim to bleed to death internally. The double-dip recession that we face right now is a lot like the ice-pick stabbings of yesteryear. We, as a nation, just haven’t embraced that fact that we’re hemorrhaging internally.

Gas prices are sky high. Food prices are sky high. Prices for both are about to rise dramatically. Why?! Because Barack Obama stands in the way of domestic drilling for oil and the middle east is in the midst of one grand upheaval leaving the price of a gallon of gas with no place to go but up. Millions of gallons of radioactive water traveling at top speed toward the shores of our primary food sources – California and South America will propel food prices to levels never before seen in America.

Deep budget shortages in over 40 states will be exacerbated by the absence of ‘Obama Stimulus’ dollars and the uprising of public sector unions against their employers – taxpayers. In the end, these unions will be broken but not before making the situation much, much worse for all concerned while Barack Obama remains above it all.

The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA aka ObamaCare) and the Obama Stimulus would have been good for 1,000 words each in the old days but suffice it to say – both of these Obama initiatives will cost more and deliver less than promised.

Add to Barack Obama’s Presidential Vitae, his apparent closet obligation to muslims and his closet ‘alignment’ with sexual deviants and you have all the makings of a modern-day ‘Enemy of the United States’.

Without calling him a lying, cowardly, incompetent, illegal immigrant, gay muslim, I have portrayed 44th POTUS Barack Obama as an ‘Enemy of the United States’ and utilized only ten (10) short paragraphs to do it. The American Electorate may yet overthrow Barack Obama. It may be Israel’s only hope.

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